2 thoughts on “A simple request to the medical/pharmaceutical industry

  1. I’ve been doing that for years! Through my years of living in communal Duke dorms, I got a LOT of strange looks from folks whenever allergy season was nigh. It’s simply the best way to loosen up the gunk and get it headed out of your body. Gross, and messy, but verrrry effective. If you want it funded at the same levels as viagra, then call attention to the fact that it’s something that affects White Men (the figurative term) moreso than the rest of the American population, and it will cause said White Men problems in bedding the latest under-30 hottie of their dreams….

  2. An RN recommended this to me more than a decade ago for allergy-related congestion. When the kids were infants I always wondered whether this would have helped deal with the congestion that led to their many ear infections, but their pediatrician looked at me funny when I suggested it.

    I use a CPAP when I sleep, which means I MUST have at least one half of my sinuses clear. Some nights I fantasize about a garden hose ….

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