Song review — The Fray, "How to Save a Life"

Not so much a review. More of a plea.

A plea to stop, in the name of all that’s healthy and good, stop playing this song all the freaking time!

It’s simply not that good a song, people. I don’t care if Grey’s Anatomy liked it. That show and its music, frankly, are true signs of pop culture’s decline. A few years ago, we were listening to Belly tunes on Homicide. Now we have just another of that strain of 21st-century pop that passes itself off as sensitive because it has a piano and a guy asking sub-existential questions in a whiny high-pitched voice.

You want to hear sensitivity from a male voice? Listen to Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks. Listen to Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet.

Perhaps if I’d heard this song just a couple of times, I could’ve dealt with it. But it’s just drilled into my head, day after day, ages after it should’ve peaked.

Whiny song. Whiny show. Enough.

(Sorry, just had to vent.)


3 thoughts on “Song review — The Fray, "How to Save a Life"

  1. I’m with you. Nothing gets me to switch the channel quicker. The worst is when it’s on at the gym, because I can’t avoid it.

    I like “Over My Head (Cable Car),” though. (is that what it’s called?)

  2. That’s what it’s called, Jason, and I agree that’s a good one. It, too, was on a medical drama–“ER”–but wasn’t overplayed like “How To Save a Life.”

  3. Jason: They’re the same song!

    Okay, not literally, but it’s the same meter.

    DUH-duh, DUH-duh, DUH-duh, DUH-duh.

    Over and over. Had to look it up. I think it would be called spondaic tetrameter; don’t know for sure, because no one does it.

    I normally don’t despise Grey’s music on principle, but I hate the Fray all around. Quit whining, guys.

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