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One-song VH1 Classic live blog

No time to do a full-fledged live blog, but one video just can’t pass without comment …

WOMAN ON STREET (slightly panicked): “What’s going on in there?”

STEREOTYPICAL SOUTHERN COP: “I wouldn’t worry about it, ma’am. It’s just dem Damn Yankees!”

(Damn Yankees? Hey, I heard about this band! They’ve got Tommy Shaw from Styx! And Jack Blades — well, Night Ranger sometimes rocks! And Ted Nu … NUGENT!! This’ll be some badass rock here!!!)

Cut to Jack Blades, wearing sunglasses that look like some sort of lab equipment. He sings: “I don’t wanna hear about it … anymore …”

Oh, thank heavens the police have this under control!

This video goes through more phases than Pfiesteria:

– Cops cordoning off the street with a 10-48 in progress — ’80s supergroup shooting a video for a power ballad

– Band is suddenly outside, possibly because the director realized they’re not shooting Sunglasses at Night, and the band looked silly wearing shades in the house

– Unknown couple making out. Apparently some sort of Romeo & Juliet storyline … I wasn’t really paying attention.

– Nugent reminds us that yes, he really did join up with these guys. He steps onto the porch to play a solo that causes electrical appliances to short out and soda cans to tip as if shot by BBs.

– Unknown couple is being chased by … the police? Not sure. (Coincidentally, Don’t Stand So Close to Me is now on.)

– Someone’s on Death Row for some reason. Blades and Shaw still emoting about being taken high enough. So apparently, this woman is on Death Row for … what? Not selling drugs? “Having been found guilty by a jury of your peers for failing to give ’80s rockers a steady supply of coke and pills, you have been sentenced to death …”

– And apparently Nugent is the priest reading Scripture as the woman is carted off to whatever execution method this state uses? He stops … he mugs for the camera.

Oh, that badass Nugent! Just when you think he’s gone all soft on us, there he is, subversely playing a Death Row priest!

Rock and roll!!!!


2 thoughts on “One-song VH1 Classic live blog

  1. You are not doing the Nuge solo any justice.

    The police are firing on the house, and Nugent is returning fire, with ROCK!

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