OK — NOW I might switch to Google

The latest and greatest search keywords through which someone found this blog — “diarrhea milkshake poopoo.”

But alas, this blog is NOT one of the nine results you get when searching for those keywords at Yahoo, my search engine of the past 12 years. That’s because I spelled the last word “poo poo” rather than “poopoo.”

Google is more lenient with the spelling, which is why I’m on the first page of the 287 pages of results for the same search. But note that Google does NOT return MMM if you put the phrase in quotations.

In case you’re wondering why a blog that normally steers clear of the scatological would use such a phrase, consider the context.

(And no, I’m not actually switching over to Google. My Yahoo toolbar and My Yahoo itself are just too vital. If you’re reading this and did NOT arrive via search, chances are pretty good I’ve got your blog on the first of my SEVEN My Yahoo pages.)

(And no, I DON’T know why I think it’s so IMPORTANT for me to be EMPHASIZING certain words with ALLCAPS TODAY.)


2 thoughts on “OK — NOW I might switch to Google

  1. Speaking of switching, condolences on Big Chief G.

    I know it doesn’t rate with losing Mack Brown to the Longhorns. But I hope the next coach is more effective than Carl “Ya gotta come see this catfish Mack left in the tank – it swims upside down!” Torbush.

    And does this mean her husband gets a job at Abilene Christian or something?

  2. They’re divorced now.

    Coach G is now the most eligible bachelorette in Austin. Of course, her male counterpart is probably Harry Knowles, so whatever.

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