Conversation I had today with someone who realized he was surrounded by five journalists …

HIM: Well, I guess I shouldn’t be discussing politics with any of you?

ME: Why?

HIM: I’m sure it’d be 5-on-1.

ME: Actually, journalists are more politically diverse than you might think. Many of us are apathetic. And many of us just cynical toward everyone regardless of party.

HIM: Aren’t you all from New York?

I said something about Missouri and North Carolina having journalism schools, but my head was spinning too quickly to remember exactly how the conversation went from there.

(I’m from Georgia, in case you’re curious. I’m not sure I even know any journalists from New York.)

I then shared this conversation with Mrs. MMM.

HER: Is he a politician?

ME: No, he’s a tech guy.

HER: Aren’t they all virgins?

I love her.


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