What will happen on Grey’s tonight

I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m aware of the current plot situation.

Here’s what I foresee happening tonight:

1. Meredith will survive, but the brain functions governing her ability to reason will be severely damaged.

2. No one will notice.

(This might be my last post — Mrs. MMM may be quite angry when she reads this.)


3 thoughts on “What will happen on Grey’s tonight

  1. Surely Mrs. MMM can let a comment like that slide. Especially since it’s true.

    You can like Grey’s Anatomy and hate Meredith at the same time. I’m living proof.

  2. Nah, not angry. Heck, after reading the recaplet at TWoP, I don’t even want to bother firing up the DVR to watch the episode (well, maybe just to look at Kyle Chandler some more…).

  3. This is not your fault, but my wife and I were three episodes behind when I read this post – so I was all, “what? Something happens to Meredith?”

    Way to spoil it for me. GOSH!

    (I’m now caught up. And throughout the whole story arc, I remembered: they can’t have anything serious happen to her: IT’S HER SHOW. Although, personally I was hoping she’d lose speech control so we could get rid of those “Sex and the City” narrations.)

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