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Give in to ‘Idol’ domination

Actually, I’m not — I know American Idol is on as I write this, but Mrs. MMM is watching something on the DVR. And I’m listening to a former Idol contestant. Mega-selling Chris Daughtry, pride of my former home of Greensboro? Nope. (I actually went to his Crown Honda service desk. Maybe our paths crossed. No idea.) Ruben? Nope. Fantasia? Nah. Kelly Clarkson? I like some of her songs, but this guy didn’t win. I don’t blame you if you don’t remember him.

He’s Jon Peter Lewis, the sleepy-eyed guy who won over the Idol judges in the audition rounds despite having the “personality of a pen salesman” (guess who said that?), then hung around as a survivor of the wild-card round. I tune out Idol by that point, so I don’t know if that means he had a 9-7 record and played on the road against the Colts or something like that, but his Wikipedia entry explains how he wound up in eighth place.

Now looking suspiciously like Grant Lee Phillips, the man know as JPL is blogging for TVSquad, which is a pretty good way to plug his singer-songwriter career.

And he’s not bad at any of it. The funny thing — he may be the first American Idol recording artist to be a better songwriter than a singer.


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