Profound thoughts on the Web

I have to share with you the most earth-shattering, mind-blowing, vision-changing, perception-challenging statement ever uttered on the Web. I should warn you that reading this simple statement may be the equivalent of Jim Morrison’s first experimentation with LSD, taking you down roads you never envisioned before, forcing you to quote Rimbaud and Aldous Huxley while channeling dead Native Americans and borrowing heavily from the blues.

This revelation can be found in response to a YouTube clip of Maria Sharapova dropping an f-bomb during the Australian Open (in her defense, it was 375 degrees on the court, and she was clearly done). Our wise man (or possibly woman) uses the pseudonym “whosyourdado7,” surely to evade capture by government agents who would seek to use his knowledge to plot the overthrow of Switzerland. (They’re next, you know.)

The statement follows. If you are unwilling or unable to have your life forever changed, read no further. The comment is …

I’d tap that

I’ll pause to let that soak in …

I can only hope Sharapova herself is able to see this. I’m sure she often sits around thinking, “Sure, I’m good at tennis. But would an anonymous guy on the Web sleep with me if I gave him the choice?”

We all can name Sharapova’s major victories, and I’m sure that’s the first thing everyone thinks about when searching for her on the Web. But at last we have an answer to the question, “Is Maria Sharapova hot?”

So thank you, whosyourdado7, for sharing this invaluable knowledge. The world is a brighter place now that we know there is at least one man who, if presented with the option of a brief, ramification-free tryst with Maria Sharapova, would “tap that.”


One thought on “Profound thoughts on the Web

  1. “I’d tap that.”

    I can’t find the exact link, but on the Oil Drillers forum, someone posted a picture of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, and then some dumbass named dcheney04 said the same thing.

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