Monday oddities

Things I discovered while fiddling with my template (not happy with it at the moment):

– The guitarist for Elastica has found Jesus. Surprising in the sense that you don’t think “evangelical” and “English,” but my memory of Elastica is that they had one bold, brassy lead singer and two other women who looked scared of the spotlight.

– Someone has actually gone to the trouble to come up with the 500 greatest guitar riffs. It would take me weeks just to give that the VH1 treatment, much less come up with it myself.

– Is guitar tab legal again? Or are these guys just braver than Olga? (Can’t blame the Olga folks — who’d have the money to take that to court?)


3 thoughts on “Monday oddities

  1. Was Elastica who did “Ready to Go”? Singer named Saffron? I’m not much for Britpop, particularly if it’s not by ABC, but that song has more hooks than a BassMasters champion.

  2. Sorry; just now saw your response. Thanks for the info. (Someday, as God is my witness, I, too, will learn to use AllMusic.com.) Rassfrassin’ -a bands, always mixing themselves up …

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