Speaking of the Buggles …

And, more specifically, the brief time (one album) in which the Buggles were absorbed into Yes, here’s Tempus Fugit.

It’s a good song, and the album (Drama) had a couple of them. It’s clear that Trevor Horn was more comfortable behind the boards in a recording studio than he was fronting a band, but the interplay between Steve Howe (in roughly his 10th year in Yes) and Geoff Downes (Horn’s fellow Buggle) was better here than it was in Asia, and that’s high praise. Perhaps it’s because Chris Squire and Alan White are a more propulsive rhythm section than Asia’s John Wetton, who basically just thumped the bass while singing in his unique charisma-free style, and Carl Palmer.

So yeah, it’s kind of a shame this combination didn’t last longer. Then again, by the time Yes had broken up and reformed, they did pretty well. The next album was 90125, which was introduced to everyone with Trevor Rabin’s distinctive riff on Owner of a Lonely Heart.

Which was introduced to us in a truly bizarre extended video that I don’t think was shown much once the edited version took hold on MTV.

(In case you’re wondering where we were speaking of The Buggles, check here.


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