John Fogerty — extreme touring

I have no idea whose idea it was for John Fogerty to play at TWO NFL halftime shows on Thanksgiving (Detroit around 2 p.m., Kansas City at 9:35 p.m.), but good for him.

I can’t tell if he brought the same band with him. NFL Network had a brief feature on his trip, and we saw plenty of his wife and daughter, but nothing on the band. One guitarist looks the same, but I think it’s a different drummer.

But here’s the big question — do you suppose the military-obsessed NFL realizes Fortunate Son is a protest song?


2 thoughts on “John Fogerty — extreme touring

  1. I thought he was incredibly lame. Even the people they brought onto the field looked like they would rather be watching commercials. And why wasn’t that kid in a car seat?

  2. Protest song? God knows whatever jean company uses it doesn’t realize. Everybody just says, “Hey, he just said red white, and blue. It’s patriotic!”

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