Where are they now: Velocity Girl

No idea about the rest of the band, but after There’s Only One Thing Left to Say popped up twice on iTunes today, I checked AllMusic and MySpace for Sarah Shannon, the lead singer. AllMusic says she’s doing solo work that sounds like Carole King. MySpace confirms it.

And … it sounds pretty good. I’d like to hear this on XMCafe or some of the other online/satellite radio options that confuse “laid-back” with “mopey.”

Incidentally, I have one major complaint with MySpace. It’s UGLY. Just nasty-looking pages throughout. Search results pages look like those URL-squatting pages that try to shove spyware on your hard drive when you mistype something. (“Middnight Oil tickets from TicketRippoff.com / Is your hard drive infected? / Enlarge your penis!” — that sort of thing)


One thought on “Where are they now: Velocity Girl

  1. I refuse to create a MySpace page, even though people (especially other musicians) are always asking me why I don’t have one. They’re disgustingly ugly.

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