Any film you can hate, I can hate better

After being subjected to six weeks of ads for The Wicker Man, I’m enjoying the critical backlash, even if it’s late in coming because this film wasn’t pre-screened.

Check out all the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, where critics are one-upping each other with vitriol as if they’re auditioning for the handful of funny scenes in White Men Can’t Jump.

Current favorites:

“Really could have used a few musical numbers and more cavorting naked women.” (Edward Douglas, ComingSoon.net)

“In the remake, LaBute has Cage beating up women with karate kicks, and has placed an insulting coda on the film that screams of studio intervention of the worst kind. This is not progress.” (Brian Orndorf, EFilmCritic.com)

“It is perhaps a tad unreasonable to recommend that actor Nicolas Cage and writer/director Neil LaBute be burned at the stake for what they’ve done to The Wicker Man, that most British of cult movies.” (Peter Howell, Toronto Star)

“I had no idea The Wicker Man remake was a comedy.” (Rebecca Murray, About.com)

And the one that made me think of the hilariously absurd meeting of costumed bears in The Avengers: “When he was reading the script, and saw the part of the movie where he is supposed to run through the forest in a bear suit, I hope Cage asked for a huge pay raise.” (Willie Waffle, WaffleMovies.com)


One thought on “Any film you can hate, I can hate better

  1. At least the bear suit was in the original Wickerman. I’m just freaked out that our child can see even a glimpse of the ad on TV and say, “That’s Wickerman.” Creepy.

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