AG passed along a link to help you fill in that five-hour gap in your day you don’t actually have — Pitchfork’s 100 Music Videos That Are Good But More Importantly Are Currently On YouTube Until Lawyers Step In.

In some cases, it’s not so important that the video is on YouTube — a-ha’s Take On Me is available elsewhere, though I’d love to see the Family Guy riff on it — but Pitchfork has a good eye for the endearing and the strange.

In this case, the one you have to check is the Bjork video, which features about 90 seconds of people making random noises in a bar and … a cat. It actually calls to mind two Saturday Night Live sketches (both of which, of course, I’d love to see on YouTube or anywhere else) — the Smigel “Fun With Real Audio” in which the swan Bjork wore to an awards ceremony comes to life and starts pecking everything in site, and “Toonces, the Driving Cat.”

(I checked at Yahoo, and they don’t have Bjork’s fantastic video for Human Behavior, which is unfortunate. As much as I liked that video, it did prompt a funny conversation with my mom:

ME: Well, it’s a pretty good song.

MOM: How can you tell?)


3 thoughts on “Bjizarre

  1. a-ha’s Take On Me is available elsewhere, though I’d love to see the Family Guy riff on it —

    Look to Plagiarist my son. I think Jason and Brian have each posted a version of said clip.

    I’d like to see an assembled montage of the barbershop quartet bits from FG “You’ve Got The AIDS” and the Vasectomy one.

  2. Oh, the vasectomy one was SO GOOD. Loved when they were singing about the sexual harassment seminar, and the woman leading the seminar (and her big jugs).

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