Brief TV reviews

I’ve seen very little of The War at Home. I’ve only seen the ads for Teachers.

But I’ve seen enough to know that they both suck. Stale format, stale jokes, stale acting.

This concludes the brief TV reviews.

3 thoughts on “Brief TV reviews

  1. I watched the first episode of “Teachers”. You are right. No need to waste your time. I think what really bothers me, is the laugh track. Does Telvision still use these?

  2. That Tuesday night timeslot for Teachers is a little congested, but I caught a few minutes of a rebroadcast on Bravo.

    I agree with Jenny. I don’t mind seeing Justin Bartha on TV, but he needs to do something better. Sarah Shahi is still delectable, but even she can’t make me watch this.

  3. I’m spoiled now — I can’t watch a show with a laugh track, even the otherwise solid Two and a Half Men. The action on Arrested Development and Scrubs (not to mention the animated classics The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy) doesn’t stop for fake audience reaction. Laugh-track shows seem tedious to me now.

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