Torino … Disney … home

Take a while, take a while
Take care and fly away and see the world
Take a while, take a while
Take time, and if you need rest, I’ll keep your nest changeless

– Carbon Leaf

OK, so you knew I was in Torino. I probably forgot to tell you I was going to Disney World. In the 25 days ending yesterday, I spent roughly 36 hours within a couple of miles of home.

So it’s time to pick things up again. I’m already seeing things pop up out of the yard, which is both exciting (spring is beautiful here) and frightening (yard work already?!). I’ll need to sort out my role at work while doing a bunch of work around the house. It’s time to get back to one or more of the books I had barely started.

And where was I in the blog? Had I mentioned that Coldplay is the next Radiohead, not the next U2? (Lemme check … yes. Speaking of me, it occurs to me that a great way to get noticed at iTunes is to name a song after a band that hasn’t made its songs available. If you search for “Radiohead,” you get a bunch of stuff by bands that aren’t exactly household names.) Did I mention that Rolling Stone has a must-read on Scientology? Have I mentioned Carbon Leaf recently? (Oh yeah, I just did.)

More details on Disney next, and then we’ll resume regular programming. (Bearing in mind, of course, the time constraints of work, housework and other work mentioned above.)

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