Christmas Carols

Yes, we’re already watching them — The Muppet Christmas Carol and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. They’re OK, but repeat viewings can get a little tedious.

I think Mickey (Mouse — in case you were thinking it was Mickey Roarke’s Christmas Carol or something like that) does it a little bit better. Mickey’s Scrooge is an animated duck with a Scottish accent that gives him a more amusing edge than in most productions. The Muppet Scrooge is Michael Caine, who does his usual professional job but is pretty much the same old Scrooge you’d see in any other adaptation.

It’s too bad NewsRadio never had a chance to do a version of their own. Jimmy James would be the best Scrooge ever, and Dave is a ready-made Cratchit.

A Dickens take wouldn’t really fit the format of The Office, though Dwight would be an interesting Marley.

Perhaps an ER adaptation with Kerry Weaver as Scrooge, Greene as Cratchit and Romano as Marley. They could bring back the other cast members they’ve killed off as the ghosts.

Perhaps not a Kids in the Hall version, simply because I don’t see where Scott Thompson would fit in one of his Buddy monologues, and I don’t think that would stop him.

I’ll stop there.


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