Weird things that pop into my head

For some reason, I found myself thinking this morning about the show Gabe and Guich. One reason this is so odd — it apparently aired under the name Lewis and Clark. Another reason — I never actually watched the show. I just have a vague memory of the name. Honestly, what else could be named Gabe and Guich except for a sitcom starring Gabe Kaplan and Guich Koock. Apparently, the show was about a New Yorker who moves to Luckenbach, Texas, which is real life was owned by … wait for it … Guich Koock.

This afternoon at work, I dashed down the stairs and found myself winded. I thought of a scene from Carter Country, a late-70s “let’s make fun of the South because we have a president from that area” sitcom, in which the middle-aged, potbellied sheriff and his young, spry deputy take a fitness test together. The deputy, told to step up and down a couple of stairs until winded, dashes up and down repeatedly but never gets tired. The sheriff takes one tired walk up, one down, one up and then stops to say, “I’m breathing hard.”

Carter Country also featured a young, amiable idiot deputy played by … Guich Koock.

Proof that all you need to stick in someone’s head is a strange name of uncertain pronunciation.

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