Things you learn while chasing your dog

1. Don’t leave the gate unlatched.

2. When you discover the gate open and the dog gone, don’t shut the gate. That means the dog can’t run back to his starting point.

3. If a car slows down while you’re running, give a quick look and listen. The driver probably saw your dogs.

4. When you get close enough to your speedy dog to dive for his collar, don’t. You’ll miss, you’ll frighten him, and you’ll scrape up your arm.

5. Dogs eventually want to return home. You can use this to your advantage by chasing your dog in that direction rather than chasing him away.

6. If two of you are rounding up the dogs, it makes sense for one of you to stay near the front door to welcome the elusive one home.

7. Once the dog arrives at the front door and is safely inside, the person at the front door should call to the other one so that he may stop sprinting, thereby preventing a heart attack or assorted post-illness wheezing on the part of the guy in his mid-30s who’s been sprinting in panic for more than five minutes.

8. That night, your dog will curl up next to you as if none of this ever happened.

One thought on “Things you learn while chasing your dog

  1. Hehe…glad to see you’re “Happy” again. I’d forgotten all about this experience after living in the counrty for 9 years. Hilarious, though I’m sure it didn’t seem funny at the time 😛

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