Sesame-Infused Low-Fat Street

I can’t complain that Sesame Street is pushing healthy lifestyles these days, but does anyone else find the new season a little overbearing? Does every sketch have to be about fruits and vegetables? And will we need to hear Cookie Monster sing “E is for Eggplant”?

I liked the storyline of the banana replacing Excalibur in Telly’s retelling of King Arthur, though.

2 thoughts on “Sesame-Infused Low-Fat Street

  1. Well… It’s been a LOOOOONG, LOOOOONG time now since I last saw Sesame Street… And I remember that after a million of sketches repeating the same thing, my brain was about to explode with the difference between the words UP and DOWN… At least fruit offers you diversity in the new seasons…About your pic of Kournikova, in your previous post, it was really something else… 😉

  2. I’d appreciate the diversity, too — especially since the last 20 minutes of each episode is now devoted to “Elmo’s World,” which would be repetitive on its own terms even if they didn’t rerun the same segments over and over. But this season, EVERY time I look at the screen, it’s about fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables.It ends up coming across with all the sincerity of the Krusty the Klown segments on the Simpsons after some lobbying group has convinced Krusty not to throw pies, fire Sideshow Mel from a cannon, etc. A little subtlety would be good.Considering the reports that Bill Frist and Hillary Clinton are among the guests this season, I don’t like the odds of that happening. And I doubt either appearance will have the sheer amusing weirdness factor of Kofi Annan singing with a bunch of Muppets.

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