The traffic-driver

Want to see pictures of Amanda Beard swimming with Anna Kournikova?

(I’m sorry. I have no such thing. This entire post was written as a means of driving traffic to my blog. If you’re mad, I’m sorry, but it’s not exactly hard to find pictures of either of the two women mentioned above. I hope you’ll enjoy a quick laugh before returning to search for photos to help you fill in the gaps in your imagination.)

I would have pictures of them, but George W. Bush and the mainstream media won’t let me post them.

(OK, maybe the MSM might be a little annoyed with me if I posted such things. They employ me, after all, and my bosses would probably rethink their policy on employee blogs if I went for the “babelog” approach. Bush surely wouldn’t care. I just mentioned him to add more search terms.)

My favorite bands are Weezer and Guster!

(Actually, I do like those bands. If you also like them, check out this blog on occasion. I might give them some attention at some point.)

Remember when you could get a Coke for 50 cent?

(I’m on cruise control now.)

Is it true that you can get the Paris Hilton sex tape on Playstation?

(My guess would be “no.”)

The latest meme on the Democrats is ridiculous.

(“Meme” is to Web-heads what “discourse” is to sociologists. Substitute the word “thing” for either word, and you lose none of the meaning.)

It’s almost as overblown as that piece on Judith Warner.

(Now I’m just getting trendy. Warner’s in minute 13 of 15 in the spotlight.)

Do you think Howard Stern and Donald Rumsfeld are the same person?

(No, but wouldn’t that be interesting?)

Do you watch Desperate Housewives?

(I did for the first few episodes. I should probably mention Eva Longoria here just to get that traffic.)

Wait a minute. Is the plain text in this post supposed to generate traffic, or is it the stuff in italics?

(Does it matter?)

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