When the snark rules the mind …

OK, VH1, what is Owner of a Lonely Heart doing in a list of “Awesomely Bad No. 1 Songs”? And where did you get these tools dissecting the lyrics (they’re abstract — get over it!) and speaking through their noses, Mo Rocca-style, as they conclude that “we allowed Yes” to have this No. 1 song but then made them sink back into obscurity?

And will the guy griping about every white guy doing hip-hop shut up by the time we get to Eminem?

These shows have really gone downhill since I Love the 70s. I think I’ll see what Alton Brown is up to.

4 thoughts on “When the snark rules the mind …

  1. I fully agree…

    Most of the time, if you wanna insult Yes, it’s probably justified in my opinion. They meander. They’re show-offy. And they can get kinda blah.

    But not anything off 90125. That’s when they had the presence of mind to hire their former lead singer, Trevor Horn, to produce. As a result, you get everything that was good about the band — the proficiency, the classical leanings — in an economical and angular package that dovetails neatly with other Horn works (specifically The Art of Noise).

    (To be honest, Owner’s not the best song on there — I’m partial to Changes, maybe even Leave It.)

    As for the shows themselves on VH1, they’ve become less about nostalgia and entertainment and more about full-on snark. Which is something I’m going to try and cut back on, resolution-style, in 2005.

    Thanks, Beau, for this blog, by the way. I enjoy your work, pal!


  2. by the way…

    nice GTR reference.

    (Better song on GTR’s LP: The Hunter. Used to have it on cassette.)


  3. Nonsense

    Husker Du and Beauster, too! (Ladies and gentlemen, The Dures!) There, got it out of my system for the new year. As if you don’t know who this is….

    1. Re: Nonsense

      And a big welcome to the Florida contingent!

      I’m probably a second-tier Yes fan. I didn’t rush to the story to buy the “four guys plus orchestra” release they had in 2001 — in fact, “The Ladder” is the only CD of theirs I have since the 1991ish “Union,” but I love their classic early-70s trilogy (“The Yes Album,” “Fragile,” “Close to the Edge”), their 1980s pop phase (“90210,” “Big Generator”) and a smattering of songs from the late 60s and mid-70s. The box set is pretty cool.

      There’s a push to get Husker Du on VH1’s “Bands Reunited.” I don’t see it happening.

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