In my mind, Duke wins the NCAA title every year …

“I definitely would prefer to believe that God created me than that I’m 50th cousin to a silverback ape,” says a Pennsylvanian in favor of the local school board’s move to teach “intelligent design” alongside evolution.

OK, fine. Then I prefer to believe that the world is flat. I believe global warming is caused by ferrets. I believe the Redskins won the Super Bowl last year. I believe the Constitution guarantees my right to ask the TV networks to keep one ratings-deprived show per year on the air. (This year, that would be Arrested Development, of course.) I believe that Coca-Cola was divinely inspired.

I’ll stop before I meander into a Bull Durham ripoff.

The Post story linked here is one of the few on the topic that gives a voice to those who argue for some sort of “intelligent design” but are not arguing against Darwin. The notion that God or some other outside force must have guided evolution can’t be proved or disproved, and it’s an engaging abstract argument. Unfortunately, that notion has been hijacked by people trying to push the narrow interpretation of creationism — six days to create everything on our 6,000-10,000-year-old planet — into the schools. And that means we’ll create another generation of kids that thinks it can simply choose what to believe, no matter what the evidence shows.

One thought on “In my mind, Duke wins the NCAA title every year …

  1. “I believe global warming is caused by ferrets.”


    Oh, and:

    How do you know it’s not? Hmmmmm.


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