Adult ADD?

I saw this ad the other day that mimicked a TV flipping through several channels. It asked, “What if this were going on in your head rather than on a screen? For some people, this is reality.” Then they said something about inability to focus and inability to finish things. I’m not sure. I missed part of the ad because Teddy was chewing on something, so I reached over to make him stop. Then I saw a couple of receipts lying on my nightstand and figured I take them over to the study. When I got there, my computer was still on for reasons I don’t remember. Apparently, I was in the middle of a post to my blog and the great Olympics project — have I told you about the Olympics project? It’s really eating away at my time. I’d get more of it done at work, but the phone keeps ringing with various hockey news, and I have to post a lot of news throughout the day because half the sports staff is detached to work on some super-secret project. Just yesterday, I was coming back upstairs from the lobby shop, where I had a granola bar because they were out of Nutter Butters. I suppose Nutter Butters are better for you anyway, and I do need to watch my diet. I was thinking of doing an online health assessment, but for some reason I remembered that I’d wanted to post something on my blog about this ad for Adult ADD that I’d seen.

Personally, I don’t think I have it. I just think that between work (which includes hockey, soccer, Olympic sports, running the front and occasional bits of psychotherapy for my co-workers), home (which includes yard work, baby prep, getting estimates for a new kitchen floor), taking care of the dogs (including play time, MANY trips to the vet) and my own health (including the occasional bit of exercise), I just have a lot going on in my head.

Still, in the interest of proving that I can finish something, I’m going to skip the online health assessment and go pick up in the backyard.

Which reminds me of a Guster song …


Four’s a crowd

I forget where I read this — probably off the wire. Toronto, which lost a lot of concert business during the SARS scare, is having a big concert with four musical acts. The Rolling Stones and AC/DC are coming to town. They’ll also have Toronto’s favorite sons, Rush (who were great when I saw them last summer). The fourth act? Justin Timberlake. I’m sensing a violent outcome.


Wrapping up cartoon theme with some news

I did learn something in my hour of browsing for news on my favorite “Adult Swim” shows. TBS has apparently picked up rights to Futurama and Family Guy. Of course, TBS is a Turner operation like Cartoon Network, so they can share the shows. I found a news item saying TBS would show a block each weekday, but that both shows would continue on Adult Swim.

HOWEVER … on the Adult Swim site, they say they’re going to start showing Home Movies at 11 p.m., in the spot currently occupied by Futurama. That’s good, but perhaps a little confusing. I’d thought Home Movies had been kicked off for good.

I also found that a fantastically funny episode Home Movies I saw recently (before it disappeared from Adult Swim) was a new episode, apparently the only one in the past eight months. Go to this episode guide and scroll to #40, Coffins and Cradles.

Got all that?


“Family Guy” lives on?

Interesting news about Cartoon Network’s efforts to make new episodes. According to this, the reruns are actually beating Leno and Letterman in the 18-34 demographic. That’s a bit scary.

Odd trivia: The guy who wrote this story for Newsweek is someone I’ve met. He and I were both on Prodigy circa 1994, and he was a high school senior who’d been accepted at Duke. He went on to The Chronicle and zoomed right past me on journalism’s ladder of success. B*&*#rd.

(Actually, he’s a decent guy.)